First Meeting Information
Date:                 November 7, 2016 (Monday)
Location:           Tiburon, Omaha, NE
Agenda:           “What to Expect from the Election”;
                        “ACA Challenges & Opportunities” Panel
Presented by:   Melissa Taylor (VP Goverment Affairs, Mutual of Omaha); 
                         Alan Gard (Aetna) and Alicia Loftus (BCBS

Second Meeting Information
Date:                 December 6, 2016 (Tuesday)
Location:           Tiburon, Omaha, NE
Agenda:            “Big Data Makes a Difference, But So Do People, Process & Technology”;
                          “New Trends in Innovation and Analytics”
Presented by:   Cathy Burrows (CRM Infrastructure at RBC);
                         Jill Dyche (Vice President – SAS Best Practices)

Third Meeting Information (President’s Meeting)
Date:                 March 29, 2017 (Wednesday)
Location:           Hillcrest Country Club
Agenda:            Professionalism and the Professional, Professionalism Case Studies
Presented by:   Paula Hodges and Daryl Bell, Sue Vagts

Fourth Meeting (R&R)
Date:               TBD
Location:         TBD
Agenda:          TBD


First Meeting Information
Date:                 November 3, 2015
Location:           Tiburon Golf ClubOmaha, NE
Agenda:            Actuarial Applications at Walgreens
Presented by:   Kara Clark, Walgreens

Second Meeting Information
Date:                 January 20, 2016
Location:           Omaha, NEMedia
Agenda:             Professionalism
Presented by:   Cecil Bykerk, CDBykerk Consulting LLC: Presentation 
                          David Cook, Milliman: Presentation

Third Meeting Information (President’s Meeting)
Date:                 March 29, 2016
Location:           Lincoln, NE
Agenda:            SOA Update
Presented by:   Craig Reynolds, SOA President

Fourth Meeting (R&R)
Date:               June 07, 2016
Location:         Iron Horse Golf Club
Agenda:          Golf & Dinner



First Meeting
September 30th  Meeting Agenda
Date:                  September 30, 2014 (Tuesday)
Location:            Tiburon, Omaha, NE
Agenda:              Predictive Modeling
Presented by:     Zachary Martin, VP & Head of Predictive Modeling, Zurich North America

Second Meeting
December 2nd Meeting Agenda
Date:                  December 2, 2014 (Tuesday)
Location:            Tiburon, Omaha, NE
Agenda:             Professionalism
Presented by:    Sue Vagts, Director and Associate Professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Third Meeting (President’s Meeting)
February 16th Meeting Agenda
Date:                 February 16, 2015 (Monday)
Location:           Green Gateau Reception Center at Windsor Stables, Lincoln, NE
Agenda:            SOA President’s Meeting

Presented by:   Errol Cramer, President, Society of Actuaries

Fourth Meeting (R&R)
June 9th Meeting Agenda
Date:                  June 9, 2015 (Tuesday)
Location:            Woodland Hills, Eagle, NE
Agenda:             Golf & Dinner